We enrich your environment through the beauty of our light solutions. Radiate light in order to let us perceive the surrounding reality. This is the highest scope of our lighting products.


Your security is our mission, the control our strength. We offer a new way of living and protecting your spaces from the risks and threats to which public, private and corporate environments are exposed.

building multiservices

We guarantee order, cleanliness and calmness in your environments, always. We have designed a new integrated service platform for the care, management and maintenance of environments, whether they are your home, your office or your company, 24/7/365.

home automation

Bringing the future of home automation into your daily life.

real estate

Local Market specialists to serve Global customers.


Our partnerships take many forms, while the technology behind our businesses is complex, the idea behind it is straightforward.

Improve people quality of life providing a safe, clean and tailored cozy environment.

That simple concept drives everything we do at Swiss Living Group, whether it’s developing a new product , providing a cutting edge service or strengthen collaborations.