a revolution in the security landscape, a new way of living and protecting your spaces.

The decades-long experience developed on a global scale by our company in the field of security and control allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions to the constantly changing needs of our modern society.

Through a careful proactive listening to the client’s needs, we tailor integrated systems able to control the ever-changing risks and constant threats to which public, private and corporate environments are directly or indirectly exposed.

Through our qualified technicians, we follow the entire phase of the system installation, set up and on-sitetesting with obsessive attention to details in order to make the system 100% working according to the design and its day to day operation reliable and trouble less.

Keep the full efficiency of the security and control system is the key prerogative of any system we have designed and installed.

We are aware of the great responsibility that this phase requires and places the utmost care in the verification, maintenance and continuous updating of its systems.

Security Management / Anti-terrorism:
Process analysis and process management.

Detection and anti-intrusion systems.

Active video control with intelligent analysis systems.

Smoke detection:
Automatic smoke detection systems.

Access control:
Access control and presence with badge or biometrics.

Telephone switchboards:
Cloud technology is transformed into an advanced telephone switchboard.

Integrated Platform:
fully integrated platform for all the systems.

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